Juguete Spiderman 118165

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Juguete Spiderman 118165

Información sobre el producto

This set of Spider-Man inspired Roller Inline Skates can be adjust for feet sizes from 30 – 33. Simply expand or contract the front section of the main boot to required size. Hard plastic blue boot provide protection and stability to the foot, and foot is further secured by way of two adjustable straps with locking mechanism.

Ankle area of main boot is flexible to allow necessary movements.  Boots are made from high quality and lightweight materials, with each boot weighing only 845 grams. Boots contain soft orange padded inners, which have a honeycomb exterior to provide a comfortable fit. On the boot front boot tongue there is also a flexible protective plastic cover.

On the bottom of the main boot you will find a set of four red wheels, each of which is secured to the wheel cover with a large screw. On the rear of the wheel cover you will see a plastic block that can be used to control speed if needed. The boots dimensions are approximately 300 x 250 x 75 mm in size, and also feature Spider-Man themed colours and artwork. The perfect gift for a Marvel fan.

- Adjust boot size from 30 – 33
- Adjustable securing straps
- Four red wheels
- Rear brake pad
- Soft orange padded inners, with honeycomb exterior
- Inners tongue, with flexible plastic cover
- Hard plastic blue boot
- Flexible Ankle support
- Artwork on boot and wheel cover
- Lightweight
- 300 x 250 x 75 mm
- Officially licenced Hello Kitty merchandise

Children Footwear Sizes
European: 30  Infant & Kids Size - 33 Youth Size
UK      : 11½ Infant & Kids Size - 1  Youth Size (Approx. 17.8 - 20.6 CM)


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